Following Dreams to Get a Beautiful Life

pursuing our dreams

What do you dream about when you are alone at night? Do you imagine yourself quitting your job and opening your own business? Perhaps you dream of making your current business bigger and more profitable, becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or joining a non-profit to transform the world. Maybe you want to be a writer, an actor, a comic, or a doctor. Whatever inner voice is driving your dreams, do you keep them to yourself? Or have you given yourself permission for following dreams and making it happen?

Have you empowered yourself to live a beautiful life; expressing your unique strengths, talents and abilities? Have you given yourself permission to following dreams and living the life you were born to live?

Perhaps you are already following dreams and a beautiful life. Or your big beautiful life dream seems stuck inside your head. Wherever you are along the road to your dreams, the pursuit of it is your ticket to a beautiful life; that blissful feeling of knowing your purpose and pursuing it with passion.

Many people put their dreams on the side, deciding that supporting other’s dreams is how to have a beautiful life. We love our partner, our children, our family and friends and feel satisfaction from supporting them. In order for YOU to achieve the life you desire, it requires that you manifest your BIG DREAM.

How do you create a beautiful life? It’s simple. Dreaming a BIG DREAM and following dreams needs to be at the TOP of your list.  very day.

In my book, Reinventing HER, Helping Women Plan, Pursue and Capitalize on Their Next Chapter, I share how I learned the steps and strategies to get my dreams out of my head and into my life. I was tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, divorced three times, in a dead-end job, and my children were suffering from mommy’s poor choices.  Once I faced the truth about my life, and fully engaged the idiom “If it is to be, it is up to me”, I took off on a journey of empowerment and change.  

The details of my journey are in my book, which I encourage you to read.  My beautiful life now includes living a romance novel relationship with my husband of 18 years, writing several books, opening my own business, building a six-figure business and a seven-figure net worth, and teaching my children the importance of following dreams!

What’s you rBIG DREAM? What vision of a Beautiful Life do you desire to pursue?  

Once you put your BIG DREAM at the top of your list, it will surprise you how much new energy fills your body and your day; how many new creative ideas fill your mind, how much happier and thrilling your life becomes. That’s why you are here, in this current time and space, following dreams and experiencing the beautiful life when pursuing it.

Here are a few tips to get started pursuing your Beautiful life:

  1. Give yourself permission, today, to get your dreams out of your head and into your life.

  2. Connect with your inner strengths and talents and engage them as you are following dreams.

  3. Love the process of pursuing your purpose, live in the moment and everything that happens along the way.

  4. Engage a life coach, or seek education that will support your growth and pursuit of your dream.

A Beautiful Life is yours, when you embrace your dreams and unique abilities to make it happen!

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