Develop Courage and Inner Trust

inner trust

Many people don’t have a strong sense of inner trust. There are many reasons to question the entire idea of trust. People lie, institutions mislead, and many ideas we thought we could depend on have been questioned. Some feel that the current climate of mistrust means life will never be the same.

Feeling that we can’t trust can feel like a huge loss in many ways. Trust is being able to place our belief or confidence in someone or something outside of our self. When we can’t do that successfully, it can lead to difficulties in relationships, an inability to complete important tasks and achieving a successful and fulfilling life. If you have lost trust in the world around you, it’s important that you learn how to trust again.

The first key to successfully building a new sense of trust in the world, is to grow your inner trust. You need to trust that you can make strong and appropriate choices for yourself, no matter what condition the outside world is in at any given moment. Learning to have solid inner trust is necessary to find meaning and success in all areas of life.

Inner trust is often defined as a combination of self-confidence and self-reliance. In an article in Psychology Today, Maureen Healy declares that “trust is a learnable skill, an emotion, and a choice to be made in every moment.”

Ms. Healy explains that in order to develop inner trust, we must:

  1. Feel accepted without judgment or condition…and that means accepting and not judging ourselves, and others!

  2. Increase awareness of our own unique strengths, talents and abilities, and live with passion and purpose.

  3. Learn to look within for answers, instead of seeking answers from others.

  4. Set an intention every day to be the driver, and decider of your own life.

Here are a few steps to increase your inner trust:

  1. Increase your understanding of how the important areas of life work. This may refer to the economy, your body, your psychology and other elements that affect your life.

  2. Challenge yourself to read at least one non-fiction and personal growth book every year.

  3. School yourself on the best questions to ask when seeking advice from professionals.

  4. Develop your reliance on your intuition and emotional responses.

  5. Confront fear, roadblocks and considerations with courage, and a plan.

  6. Empower yourself to take small steps toward your life goals. Small steps lead to bigger ones that eventually get you to your destination!


  1. Develop your belief in yourself, and believe that your dreams can come true!

A few more ways to be courageous and trust yourself!

  • Identify the underlying reasons for poor life habits and behavior in life. In other words, become more aware of what is driving your choices.

  • Once you realize what is “driving your bus”, make a choice to change your inner landscape and psychology.

  • Revise your perspective about what is truly possible for you in this life. Stop settling for less and believing you have no choice, and give yourself permission to dream of a brighter and more prosperous future.

  • Seek clarity about your personal inner strengths and talents and let them guide you toward a happier, more prosperous future.

  • As your excitement grows, make a planto pursue your vision, which includes increasing your awareness and retraining your negative mind.

Gaining inner trust takes time, but the rewards are worth it.  You won’t have the life you desire without courage and a strong sense of self-trust!

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